The Importance of Pricing

Listing your property at market value is of utmost importance. A realistic competitive price means:

  • Your property will sell faster as people do not look at over priced houses.
  • Your home does not lose it’s marketability
  • Offers are higher when a property is closer to market value and can generate competing offers.

15 Suggestions to the vendor that help us sell the property

1. Tidy up the grounds, porches and garage- Keep lawn trimmed and edged. Make sure that your yard is clean of refuse.
2. Your front door gives a vital first impression while a Realtor and prospect wait for you to answer the bell. Be sure it is scrubbed clean.
3. Dress up your windows in freshly laundered curtains.
4. If any decoration is needed (especially kitchen) do it now! $30.00 worth of paint can make a big difference in how the buyer perceives your home.
5. Bathrooms help sell homes. Make this room sparkle.
6. Keep all steps clear of hazards:
7. Don’t forget to have all light sockets filled with bulbs. Illumination is like a welcome sign. For an evening inspection turning on all your lights gives potential buyers a feeling of warmth.
8. Wash dishes, put away clothes, straighten up newspapers, etc.
9. Make up beds with attractive spreads.
10. Keep pets out of the way when showing (One type of prospect is annoyed — the other gets attention diverted.)
11. Avoid being present during inspections. The potential buyer will feel like an intruder and will hurry through the house.
12. Leave the showing up to the salesman. It is his business to sell. The salesman knows the buyer’s requirements and can best emphasize the features of your home.
12. Don’t discuss anything concerning the sale with a customer. Let the Realtor discuss price, terms, possession and other factors with the customer He is eminently qualified to bring negotiations to a favorable conclusion.
13. Never apologize for appearance. It only accents or distracts.
14. Never try to sell furniture to a customer before the deal is complete.
15. Remove and replace any items you are taking with you such as light fixtures and mirrors before any showings of your property.

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